AWOL - A way of life

AWOL Booklet

A way of life Wellness Program.

The AWOL program is a simple and easy to follow guide to lose weight; it is not a deprivation diet. We actually dislike the word diet very much. For those of us who love food, a diet is pretty much "die" with a "t" on the end. This program is flexible and liveable and will give you the tools needed to achieve a serious and sustainable lifestyle change, which is the key to lifelong weight control.

We created this program after personally trying hundreds of 'diets' and studying the physiology and psychology of eating. While following this program, it is easy and maintainable to live a healthy lifestyle and really enjoy food. It has already helped numerous clients, family and friends to lose weight, get off of medications and feel better than they ever imagined was possible.

We promise that your dedication and willpower will not be wasted along your journey. Every day is a small act towards reaching your goals. Some days will be better than others, but remember all those small acts will add up over time and YOU WILL reach your goals!